Making Your GIANT Tasks Easy

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I got interested in these issues based on personal experience. I was suddenly put in the overwhelming position of being the Executrix of my mother’s estate.  Had I known then what I know now, it would’ve made my GIANT tasks a lot simpler to get done.

Needless to say, I found myself standing in the middle of my mother’s home shaking my head in frustration because I hadn’t the slightest idea of whom to contact for all the issues that kept popping up.  There seemed to be a new one every day.

Compounded with the fact that my mother was a “hoarder” of sorts, I was in tears quite often.  Dealing with all the emotion and the overwhelming tasks facing me, I was fearful that I’d never  be able to handle this monumental duty put upon me.

After the estate was settled, it occurred to me that I could help others with the knowledge I’d gained with this experience.  I’d always been a full-service Realtor and had specialized in the Seniors market.  So it made perfect sense to me that to support the work I was doing in my real estate business, I should become a Certified Probate Expert.  Earning this designation provided me with formal training that continues on an ongoing basis.

I am uniquely qualified to assist you because of my ability to be compassionate and patient during this sometimes painful and difficult process. It just comes naturally to me. I consider it a privilege to take you from being overwhelmed, confused or fearful to being hopeful and relieved that your responsibilities will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Let me make your GIANT tasks easy for you!

Making Your GIANT Tasks Easy

Rhonda Burton, REALTOR®, CPE, SRES, RENE